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You just know there are going to be some rules! So, here they are!

1. This isn't eBay. We are not going to handle any money transactions. It's just a place where you can post what you have or need and some contact information.

2. We're not responsible if it doesn't sell. Hey, the listing was free, wasn't it?

3. Don't post any information you don't want the internet trolls and bots to know. Don't want to list your phone number? Mask it or take your chances. Or, put an email address out there instead. 

4. Try to post a pic with your ad. Yep, we allow pictures to be attached to posts. People want to see what they're buying. There is a 64 MB limit to file uploads, which should be more than enough size to post individual pics. 

5. Keep your post up to date. If you've sold it, take the ad down. We'll occasionally audit the posts for freshness and check in with you to see if it's for sale. After a year, we'll archive it or even nuke it, depending on how archaic it is.

6. Be kind, both as sellers and buyers. assumes no responsibility for deals gone bad. Again, we just provided space for the listing. We're not brokering the deal at all.

Yeah, that's about it. It's pretty simple. You list an ad. We just provide the space for you to do it.

Happy boating, everyone!